We produce and sell caps and closures of various types, do plastic casting and make the impossible possible

We produce what you need

Quality. Experience.

We have been creating the best products in the industry for more than 15 years. Technology, scale and discipline – these are the main factors that make us stand out from our competitors.
Ruspack company specializes in the production and sale of caps and closures, as well as the molding of plastic products with the use of injection molding machines.
We are not afraid to take responsibility because we are confident in the result. Start working with us and see for yourself!
Social responsibility towards consumers and in relations with partners. Environmental responsibility
Motivated and involved staff. Regular employee training and safe working conditions
Implementation of FMEA and SPC methods
Intolerance to corruption in all its manifestations

We do our job — you stay calm

The combination of experience and expertise allows us to provide exceptional product quality.
Attention to detail is our specialty because we know how important it is for you.

Production of caps and closures

The list of our services in this area is infinitely diverse. We always look to the future and use only the most advanced technologies, materials, trends.

It won’t be difficult to find what you need because the quality of our products does not arouse any doubts. We work for you and keep up the good work, choosing the best materials, hiring the best specialists, setting the best price for our products.

Plastic injection molding

What makes our production unique? Injection molding machines. The accuracy and stability of the casting process parameters and geometry during the work on your orders is what allows us to produce high-precision and perfectly matched products.
Our company is located in Russia and the quality of the service follows strict international standards
We perform difficult tasks immediately, we do impossible tasks – a bit after
We are ready to solve the most non-standard tasks if our clients need it
We will help you find the perfect price-quality ratio

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