Plastic injection molding at a low cost

We manufacture large batches of polymer products with the use of injection molding machines
We work 24/7, control the entire process, including assembly, packaging and delivery of finished products. You don't have to worry about anything. Rest assured that we have already taken care of everything.

Full production cycle

Our specialty is plastic injection molding, we do it quickly and efficiently. We use advanced technologies and modern equipment in our work.
Low cost of finished products due to process optimization
Modern Italian equipment with a clamping force between 150 and 500 tons
Minimal logistics costs due to the convenient location of the plant
We guarantee the high quality and compliance with deadlines according to the signed contract

Production capacity

The attributes of our equipment allow us to work with a huge variety of materials. In addition, we can use molds with multiple jointing planes.
injection molding machines made by the leading Italian brands NPM and Biraghi
minimum casting cycle with a clamping force of up to 500 tons
tons of plastic per month – total production capacity
the size of our plant located on the territory of 3.5 hectares
> 30
8000 m²
1.75 sec
> 3000

Quality and safety guarantee

Modern Italian equipment by BM Biraghi and NPM
Full cycle: from plastic molding and funnels trimming to assembly, labeling and packaging of products
Workshop for maintenance, improvement and repair of molds
The guarantee of the quality of products according to the standard fixed in the contract
In our work, we use premium Italian equipment, which ensures the best quality.
And the safety of your molds is the No.1 priority for our company.
Successful experience working with Europe and China. Export to the CIS member states and other countries. You can visit the plant and see the possibilities of our production yourself.

Production in Russia

The plant is located in the Stupinsky district of the Moscow Region. Such a location allows us to reduce the time and cost of delivery, and also makes the order of small batches of products beneficial if compared with delivery from other countries.
We have reduced the cost of production to its minimum. It became possible due to huge experience, highly skilled employees and the most advanced equipment.

Low cost of finished products

We help to save money by producing items from recycled materials
In our work, we use new and modern equipment
Only experienced and highly qualified engineers and molders
We optimize and reduce the molding cycle

We think of providing about the best result

Implementation of research, design and engineering projects
Capacity reservation for the specific needs of each customer
Constant modernization of the production and technical base
The use of modern materials, molds and methods of work

Are you ready to work with us?

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